From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, December 17, 2016


It was lovely...
You and me..
We went on long walks..
Listened to music that played in our hearts ..
Walked at the ocean shore..
Till the setting sun just hugged us tight..
And when the crescent of the moon shone, you just took me home..
Me and my gypsy ways..
I love our little nest at the edge of the brook...
Its close to the woods and the  mountains that I love..
We took our own time, we had some wine..
While I lit candles all around our favourite tree ...
We don't need a place, the wilderness is home..
Its where we belong..
Two wild hearts , so crazy in love..
We know what it means, to have what we share..
It does not define who we are or label us, it does not matter, a piece of paper, a metal ring, we really don't care..
It just lets us be..
Infact I feel the most free, when you have your arms tight around me ..
I don't want you to stay and I also don't want you to leave , nor do I want you to keep me in your arms forever , but I want you to hold me now..
Our arms are not our abode, they are home..
I love us..
I love what you do, to the deepest part of my soul..
And I know by the touch of your fingertips, the softness of your mouth, and the light in your eyes..
I'm your magic..
Your last thought before you sleep, whether you like it or not..
And you too yearn for just another day ..
And so we sat , fingers entwined, your heart-beat near mine, your breath mingled with words softly caressing my skin..
We spoke of the places we needed to see, together and the ones we need to traverse alone..
And then you looked at me , and asked me to walk across the bridge with you into the thicket of the forest..
You walked ahead , and held out your hand..
And before I could tell you what I wanted to ...
I woke up..

Maybe till another time..
Till we meet again, on the other side of light..
You and me and all the magic of the universe insight ..

Friday, December 16, 2016


The most beautiful part of life is that you can love.
And that by far is the most honest thing you will ever do.
Because you are what your heart feels and you are made up of the secrets you keep.
And this is what actually exudes on your face.
There is more often than not, no real reason anyone can give you , as to why they  love someone, There are no explanations.
I have really done a deep self analysis about why I love who I do, and I'm sorry I cannot help you..
I'm as clueless ha ha ha

Except for the fact, that love makes you feel more alive that probably climbing to the top of a mountain or diving into the deep blue.
Ask me I have done both.
And love wins, by the widest margin, all the time.

The best part is , it can be done without anyone's permission or any restriction.
You are free to love who you want and as much as you want .

But the thing is this, the object of your affection may or may not feel the same.
And even if they do or dont, let me say this..
Actually let me not say anything..
Its nice when you find your own path..

We all come from different spaces.
We all go through life, carrying so much in our hearts.
That sometimes it's best , if you can stop trying to figure whether you are loved back or not .
Even if you did know the answer to that, would it change the intensity of your feelings.
I don't really think so.
We all love .
There is not a single person in the world who does not...
It's just not possible...
If you are alive , you will love...
It's a given .
It's like Einstein's equation E=mc2 ..
And now, just stop trying to question it..

So no matter , how inquisitive or how crazily and deeply in love you are.
Just remember this , sometimes searching for answers, just leads to a huge waste of time.
There is a lot of power and healing in Love.
So use all the love in your heart to do good and help yourself or someone else.

I was once told .
That people who are not together in the same space..
Can sometimes just feel the person they love, in every breath..
Now if that is not love..
I cannot understand it better..
It's because..
It's an energy so powerful , that it permeates through the universe and touches the ones you love.
So can you just imagine what it could do  to you .
There is so much good that comes out of just loving.

But with loving , comes great responsibility..
We all like to catch it, hold on to it and never let it escape..
The thing is this, Love is actually a free bird , and does not need any one's permission to stay or fly away..
So as you walk through life, you will get to know love better..
And if you don't learn fast..
Love will take you on a whirlwind dance , so that you do understand, how to tango, waltz, cha-cha , hustle, street style jazz ballet or just simply sway your hips...

And it always leaves you richer..
You discover you..
Love helps you realise your dreams..
Pushes you to achieve them..
Makes you bold enough to reach for the stars..
Because it teaches you to love yourself first ..
Not in a I,me,myself way, but in a wholesome beautiful way..
It makes you less judgmental ..
It makes you realise, we all carry tides of feelings not expressed and ranges of emotional baggage, And we all go through life , and operate from that plain, peak or valley that we are in ,at that point of time..
More often than not, the ones who laugh the loudest, carry tears in their hearts..

So yup ..
When you meet love..
Look him in the eye, laugh with him, listen to what he does not say and listen keenly to the music he plays..
I know, you will learn a lot..
The best kind of love, is the kind that actually pulls you out of your deep slumber, and peels off the layers and leaves you bare..

So today I watched La La Land..
And yup, as expected, I totally loved it ..
It explained, love to you in the most poignant, melodic, fluid and heart-breaking way.
It showed you the truth of life..

And yup, like Mia said to Sebastian  in the movie..
It is true, some people you will just just love for the rest of your life..

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Yesterday was just the kind of day
That was a gift ...
When I reached the beach for my run.
I just met the biggest brightest moon staring down at me..
I was totally awestruck and stood there just for a bit, staring into his face..
It was just so peaceful .
The beach was filled with people who wanted to start with a morning, that had energy in their stride.

So I have been running on and off with my Marathon group for about a month  now.
Mostly off than on.
And Brinsten and his coaches Clement, Sylvester, Dolmen, Anthony, Michael,Noom and Raj Kumar are just awesome and fantastically patient, not to forget totally encouraging.
And its only because of them that we are all able to wake up at the unearthly hour of 5am and head to their destination of choice, for our run.

So while we were doing our interval training..
Suddenly in the middle of huffing and puffing and putting all my strength into it ...
I saw before me a big light of blue, with a tail that just whooshed across the cobalt sky and disappeared...
Oh my God !!!
Did I just see a shooting star❓
I was just so excited..
And wanted to just scream, in delight..
When a co-runner, looked and me and said,'Did you see it ?"
And I said, 'Oh my God , yesssss, thank God , I thought I was just imagining it "
And breathing heavily and running we sped towards our finish line..
For our 2 minute break ..
And in the middle of that, those that had witnessed it talked about it , and the rest who missed it drank water and listened to our chatter...
And then someone said , I hope you made a wish .
And I just thought , to myself,
"No,I did not make a wish "
I was just really ecstatic that I saw a shooting star, and I could think of nothing, but was in wonderment of that brief spectacle ...

No...I thought, I don't want to wish for anything..

This year, I'm going to stop wishing for things to happen and I'm just going to believe in the eternal timing of the universe, knowing fully well, that what has to be mine ,will be..
And I continued my run...
I felt somewhere, like I had lost my innocence, and yet somewhere, felt , why do we always have to want things...
Don't we already have what we need, and so much more , in different ways, over and above it ..
Can't we just be really happy with what we have instead..

So instead of wishing for new people and things and situations in our life, that we may not be able to give our 200% to, or will lose interest in , with time..
Can't we instead just be fantastic to the people, things , pets and situations we are with...
I think that's the way to be..
Not that I fully am, because I'm just normal ..
Ok let me rephrase that , "Normal sometimes " most times reactive ...
But I want to be content..
Exactly where I am , yup that would be nice..

I'm not saying, we need to not improve our life or our  skill or not work harder to get where we want.
But at the moment can we just be thrilled to be where we are , knowing that this will change..
And with this thought , I drove my tired legs home to a whole day of shoot.

I worked with an incredible bunch of women, and a few guys on the side ha ha ha ...
Running Cow films under Anoushka the director and her band of fiery , fantastic girls.
DOP: Maulshri.
Art: Seher and Lauren.
Line Producer: Sunny.
Food Stylist: Sanil.
DOP Assistant: Arvind.
Art Assistants: Anu and Murti.
Spots: Rajesh and Pappu.
Fashion Stylist: Pranay
Fashion Stylist Assistant: Niyati
Hair and Makeup: Bianca .Louzado

It was a day of total magic.
My friend , co-Channel [V] VJ and now the most fantastic make-up artist, did my make-up and hair for the day, I was not just in good hands, I was in the hands of a beautiful artist, I'm really lucky..
We started shooting and I just did everything Anoushka asked me to do and slept in between shots, cat-naps , many many of them.
At the end of the day at 11.45pm , we finished, it was a great day at work.
And I did not go to the monitor to check how I looked even once,that was such a relief,  I just felt so comfortable that I did not need to.
The thing is this, in any relationship, it does not matter who,what or how ? You just need to trust ..
But if you don't trust , it's a very difficult and stressful place to be .
I don't like watching my back , that's just not the way forward.

And I was working with professionals, who were the best at what they do..
So if they trusted the fact that I'm going to deliver once I stand in front of that camera, then , I needed to trust that they would work to their best ability too.
And frankly at the end of the day, a camera does not really lie, I was going to be exactly the girl I meet in the mirror every morning..
It's just that today , I had my face beautifully done, my hair tousled with precision and clothes picked up with care, so that , it looked randomly put together...
Ha ha ha if I truly believe that I am the girl on that TV screen , then I would need to see a therapist in a few years...
I know who I am and what I can do, and any amount of praise , or lack of it or anyone talking badly about me , does not dull my shine..
Actually it dulls their's..

It was a tiring and a fantastic day .
And everyone worked together and with such positive fabulous energy .
I was satiated and happy, I had put my best into it..
The rest is not upto me...
I cannot spin magic or conjure things out of thin air..
It's now in the hands of the ones I worked with, and I know they will do nothing but the best .

Before I fell off to sleep, I closed my eyes and thought once more of that burst of blue light across that dark sky and was just so happy that I saw my 'First ever shooting star' up-close and so personal..

See, I know this New Year, that I have stepped into, is going to be full of moments, that are going to make my world, filled with all, that is going to make me, be the best ME..
Till then I'm going to trust the universe and allow the waxing and waning of the moon, dictate the many moods in my life..ha ha ha
And I'm stopping to try so hard to make things happen..
I'm just going to continue to be me..
And I know all will be as it should be , not more not less .

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


"Where do I begin", like the words of that beautiful song from the film Love Story by Andy.Williams.
I just don't know if you feel this too, but December always brings magic with it.
It's the month of pure unadulterated, unstoppable,impulsive, crazy,wonderful Love.
And this for me is the best part of the year.

This year has flown by and with it I have been part of a whirl wind romance with life and all its offerings.
This year on the 8th of December, I turned the right side of life .
I did a lot of amazing things , but like any true blue Sagittarius I did plenty of the stupid stuff too, and you know what , I'm bloody happy I did, or my life would not be as sparkling as it is, life is all good, and a few risks here and there or leaps into the dark, won't kill you, it may just about bruise your knees, or then sometimes your heart.

Our life was never to bed a bed of roses, and if it was, please do know, that as soon as you do lie down, you will have thorns that will greet you.
So knowing that would you lie down on your bed of roses.
I think yes, because, that is the truth of life.
Life is always a heady cocktail of good mixed with the bad, joy with hurt, love with heart break, friends with tears , puppies with torn and ripped "everything', kids with sleeplessness, lovers with distance, hope with failures, happiness with fears, real with fake, mountains with seas, expectations with disaster..
You are getting the drift right.

And yet, as soon as December comes visiting, life on "Planet Maria" changes.
It changes to the softest colours , twilight and me have ever seen.
And everything that has happened to me through the year, plays out like a beautiful nostalgic film and somehow, life just is again full of love and hope and brand new paths.

I know that the truth of life is that you are actually alone in this beautiful world, and you are given souls to walk with you through your life, to help you discover your true self.
And so the more accepting you can be of what happens to you, in retrospect, you will be a shinier person.
Some will teach you how to nurture, some to have fun, some to take risks,some to be calm , some to be practical, some to have patience,some to look after yourself, some to love deeply and some to let go.
And we need to be thankful for all the experiences , the year has to offer.
You will always find at the end of it all that you are richer inside you and have more resilience and more love than you have ever imagined.
You will learn bitter truths about yourself and others that you may or may not like.
And you will behave obnoxiously or not in certain situations.
The thing is , don't be too hard on yourself or on others.

And definitely know, that the reason we have so many altercations in our life, is because sometimes, some people have to leave , so that you can make space in your heart for what is real and is actually meant for you .

Yes if you have been chucked out of someones life , you may go out kicking and screaming , fingernails making scratch marks on a door, or then sometimes you will just kiss them good-bye.
You may even close the door never to be opened again , and then sometimes become a monster of silence.
Just remember, you may have knowingly or unknowingly chucked someone out of your life too.
And Karma has come for its annual visit.. ha ha ha ..dammit.

The thing is , please don't try deciding, or making plans , because plans have never ever worked out.
In life, some things fall apart and some fall together and it is because , it was meant to be that way.
So I guess, we need to embrace life and all its possibilities and wait for the world to unfurl its dreams and plans for us.

Having said so, yup, it may just have been the most difficult year of your life, and you know what, maybe its now time to climb out of that valley and face the sunshine of your New Year.
Somewhere between, believing in happy endings, and accepting the reality of life, this year has gone by, you cannot out-smart getting hurt, just like you cannot decide whom to love or who will love you , you basically accept your truth or your variation of it, whatever works for you .

So to everyone , who love December, like me, also because its my birth month..

I would say, dance to the songs you sing in your heart, this is just the beginning of the ball of your life.